Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year!

  My New Year's Party was amazing, I was in New York City, London and Paris..."JOKE" Ok I was on party with my friends in house, but I watched online parties in these cities.
 I have a lot of my favourite style. One of them is PUNK! My hairstyle is in these style sooo... check it out.

Bur first Jared Leto and a girl who I really admire. WOW! I am big fan 30 second to Mars but that is example, how can fans sacrifice for the band!
 Everybody knows that: Queens of Punk is Vivienne Westwood.
I can't skip her in this post!

Ok! It's time for me :))
 It's not a Yeti.Calmy. It's me. Ok I want to show you my beautiful and shiny sweter.  From Second Hand of course!
Thank U !