Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tribute to Art.

  I'd like to say "thank U' to my teacher. She is very nice, talented and intrested in art. She showed us many photograpers, sculptors, painters etc.

  Annie Leibovitz, ahh She is genious. Her pictures have amazing atmosphere in itself. She can reflect the personality of the person who is photographed. I think, this is very important in pictures. They (pictures) should reflect the personality ...
  Guys, look at my picture. U don't know me, but When You look at my picture you will see who I really am.
  I'm listening song  John Lennon "Love", "Imagine" and "Oh Yoko". Ohhh. They were amazing couple.

Look at Elizabeth II. On this picture She is domineering,stately.

Nicole Kidman looks brilliantly.
Meryl Streep. She can sacrifice for every role.
Kate Winslet
Lance Armstrong
  Louise Bourgeois
 John Lennon Yoko Ono
Crazy. Whoopie Goldberg

And I'd like to say "Thank U", to my friend Gabb. She is making perfect pictures for me.

Thank U. Sorry for my English.

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  1. One time my friend told me about her, but i didn't know and i didn't want to know who she is... my BIG mistake... Annie Leibovitz took photo of my favourite actress Meryl Streep and damn...Elizabeth II ?! These pictures are adorable...The are eccentric, eerie and the took my breath away...Thank you for this note! <3

    by the way: where are you from? your beauty is original and your english is really good! :) Greetings :*