Saturday, March 23, 2013

Vvictims vol 1

I have decided to start new episode called "We are fashion victims?" today is vol 1, and next part will appear in the future. What is going to be? I allways try to know better fashion and people who are in it, mayby this will help me, but i wanna introduce you some "fashion victims" who i admire. In each post i will write something about this person. Did  you remember my post aboy Annie Leibovitz? For me it's really pathetic post, i hope i will write about her again more interesting soon.

 Oscar de la Renta in the left corner? Why? Actually he created this words. Fashion victim is a peron who blindly follow the trends and need to have only brand name clothes, accessories etc.  Brawo! For create, but i think term "fashion victim" is wrongly use by people. These wonderful women above are in 50 % fashion victims. They allways wear fashionable clothes and want to look good but Do they blindly follow the fashion? Fashion is their passion and hobby, they work in it. They know the best fashion trends, desingers and they are on every fashion shows. ahhh. I want to be fashion Victim ! Marvellous.

She is Anna Wintour's right hand, what impresses me in her, is her devote for fashion. When i saw her on Coco Chanel pre fall fashion show  in 2012 she looks like death, but still happy that she could hold her notebook and noted what "corpses" are wearing today.  Her stylisations are really unusual but practice in the same time, "she is the best" said Anna in September issue, simple but this is true. She can like nobody understand the trend and this is her key to sucess in this brand.

photos are from and

 She compares her style to her stylisations. She style is really "italian", so i mean really fresh, clothes and acessories are full of vivid colors and of course she is true fan Dolce &Gabbana. Frist time i saw her stylizations i supposed she might be dolce &gabbana exmodel, and she is. Gio makes that outfits are utterly desirable. This is her key for success?

This photo is old, i found them ages ago on Gio's twitter.
Tar Magazine

She is really interesting person. People often say that her style is full of elegance, but in the fact she often forget about her style and just wear black jeans black t-shirt and no make up. Just like most of "the biggest' stylists davote life and STYLE for fashion. Hilarious but enchanting in the same time. Tonne is just elegance woman with amazing presentiment to style.

 Guys, I know that this job is really hard. Stylist must be so predictable, look at this two covers above: Gwen Stefani and Michel Obama are stylish women. How predictably you must be? How exquisite you must know trends or tastes to dress up for Vogue cover?



  1. I loved this feature, it was interesting to seen fashion victim used in a better way, creativity outways fashion trends!

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